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Chris Oyakhilome Foundation Rescues Hundreds of Flood Victims in Kogi, Nigeria

Flood victim with newborn baby receives hope and comfort through the intervention of Chris Oyakhilome Foundation. Member agencies of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation embarked on another emergency Hope Relief Mission to provide immediate support to children and families affected by the recent flood disaster in Kogi State. Several families were traumatized by the occurrence of […]

1,000 Families Impacted by Humanitarian Efforts of Chris Oyakhilome Foundation

Vulnerable families from 10 Niger State communities become first beneficiaries of Hope Relief Mission. In response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Nigeria’s middle belt, member agencies of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation, which includes the InnerCity Mission for Children, Volunteer Medical Corp and Bible for all Missions, took the initiative to distribute relief materials within affected […]